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This Gypsy Style Choker has many elements coming together - and each has a purpose.  First of all, Ganesha (antique brass elephant god) is the remover of obstacles.  The bronze Tree of life is to inspire growth.  The spiral ceramic bead represents our journey.

Charms are made of the following stones left to right:

tourmalated quarts and ruby:  quartz energizers and magnifies stones around it, this has tourmaline in it, which helps to repel negatiity.  the ruby is a wonderful stone for also guarding against negativity and promotes courage

Agate (dyed purple): agate soothes for those stressful times

iolite and amethyst: iolite can assist in opening your third eye and finding your spiritual self.  amethyst is a great stone for aiding in creative endevors, protection, and balance

double termidated quartz: known to enhance psychic abilities, more energizing

amethyst and pyrite: see above for amethyst, pyrite is a stone to ward off negativity

All in all, this is a powerful piece of jewelry, sure to prepare you to live as the Gypsy Spirit you know you have inside!  Copper wire, brass chain, recycled sari silk make up this piece.

The main choker wire work measures about 4.5" across with the longest dangle measuring 4" from the wire work to the bottom of the charm.

Necklace itself is adjustable from about 16-19"



*stones metaphysical properties are no replacement for medical care

Amethyst Gypsy: Remove Obstacles and Grow

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