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This necklace is part of my intuitive jewelry line.  When I create these pieces, I know they are a talisman for someone out there, and will be just what they need at this point in thier journey.  The words come to me as a mantra for the person this piece is created for.  


This piece is called "Forest Bather".  You will recieve the card along with the necklace.

It is created around a gorgeous ceramic raku disc.  Ceramic clay from the earth is very grounding, the aditional process of raku adds fire energy to this piece!  It also gives the disc a natural organic look that was the inspiration for this piece.  In this piece, the ceramic disc represents grounding and the fire aspect inspires passion and change.

I added a large cracked agate along with lapis.  Lapis allows you to see your path through the forest clearly and agate sooths you and provides focus.  Citrine is a stone of abundance and warmth and has the ability to transmute negativity into golden energy.  

The chain is antique brass and the other half is recycled sari silk in a beautiful earthy brown.

This piece is adjustable for comfort and so you can wear it with many different tops!  It measures 15-21".

The focal portion that is wired together is 5" across.  


Each piece is created by hand with the utmost care.  They are made for both comfort and fashion.  I hope any piece that finds its way to your wardrobe is a joy for you wear each and every time.

Forest Bather

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     I guarantee my work. if something breaks due to my craftmanship, please contact me. I will fix it for no charge. I want you to get a life of wear out of my products. If by chance, you break a piece of my jewlery, I will still fix it, but there may be a charge for materials or time.


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