This necklace is part of my Custom Reiki Infused Jewelry Line.  These designs are much simpler and for daily wear so you can absorb the benefits of the stones as well as the reiki that I add to it while still being unique- just like you!  This particular design is called my Shaman Style necklace due to the use of leather and talisman power of the stacked focal area- like a totem.


I create each piece intuitively, knowing what is being added is exactly what someone is in need of right now.  I allow my intuition to guide me and the piece just unfold.


When finished, I clear all the pieces I have created with sage and palo santo smoke.  I create a sacred space using selenite to clear and empower, rose quartz for love, smokey quartz to deeply root our transformation and desires into the earth, and petrified wood for grounding and growth, black tourmaline to ensure only good energies allowed and apophyllite to uplift and raise the energy.  I then place the pieces on those stones, light candles and infuse reiki and healing into all the pieces, sending love, healing and empowerment to whomever wears them.  I give gratitude to the earth for providing these beautiful healing stones and the animals whom have lent their energy as well (for piece containing leather or shells or fossils or bone). 

*Last photo shows the sacred space where these are infused with reiki and prayed over. 


This piece is titled Guardian of Light.  Black Kyanite which is quickly becoming one of my favorite stones!  Like all kyanite this has a very high vibration and never needs clearing.  Its broom like shape has given it the energy to be able to clear, to sweep away, negative energy- making it a fantastic stone for healers and energy workers.  It is also very protective and grounding, but unlike other grounding stones, it still allows that beautiful high energy.  It aids wtih past life recall, dream interpretations and like other kyanites, enhancing your intuitive gifts.  Using it in this piece, I feel it is a protective piece, a guardian of light.  Bringing light energy and protecting the wearer at the same time.

It is paired with blue apatite, another stone for intuition and a stone of focus to aid you on your lifes mission.

Adorning the leather are little facteted iolites and amethyst.  Iolite is associated with the third eye and crown chakra- so they also add the intuitive power.  Amythest is both protective and also aids in intuition and healing.


My wish / mantra for those who wear this:


I am a guardian to those in need

A bringer of light and healing

Grounded in my purpose

I allow myself to be guided for my highest good and those around me

I am open to heavens healing light

And guide to where it is needed

To stamp out the dark

To clear the wounded

To heal the hurt

To empower the broken

I am a guardian of my light



This piece was created for someone who is ready to bring change by combating the darkness with light.  It is for somone who desires to heal themselves and others by continually clearing out that which is heavy and serves no purpose in our mission to bring love and light to this world.  It is for someone who needs that balance between grounding and connecting, that energetic aid and reminder to stay firmly in this world, in the middle while connecting with the earth and the higher realms in your journeys (or your daily life!)  It is for a natural intuitive ready to bring that part of themseves to the forefront, to use their gifts in their daily lives.  It is for the person who stands strong through all the changes life throws at them, ever seeking to find the connections and patterns and send them healing.


This piece was created with sterling silver wire.  Wire will tarnish over time and can be polished lightly with a polish cloth to highlight the high spots.

The cording is natural leather.

The chain on the back is stainless steel and that allows this piece to be adjustable from about 15.5-17". (more chain can be added for no additional charge upon request)




Pendant measures about 2" across at the widest ceramic bead and 4" from top of loop to bottom of the heart charm.



***disclaimer:  these stones cannot cure ailments or emotional trauma.  please do not use these ILO actual medical treatment.***

Though I truly believe they aid us in our journey, please use common sense and seek medical and theraputic advice when needed as well.  






Guardian of Light: Black Kyanite, Blue Apatite, Iolite Reiki Infused Necklace

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