This necklace is part of my Custom Reiki Infused Jewelry Line.  This lines designs are much simpler and for daily wear so you can absorb the benefits of the stones as well as the reiki that I add to it.  Each piece is made upon your order, and will vary slightly due to the natural materials. When finished, I clear it with sage and palo santo, and I sit with the piece and fill it with reiki energy, specifically for YOU.  Pictures show the variation of the stones that will be used to create the orders.


This piece is titled Heavenly Day because the rare White Chalcedony looks like clouds billowing in the sky.  The energy of the stone is the same.  It is a stone of peace, calm and love, bringing an abundance of love energy for the wearer to give and recieve.  It eases anxieties and clears negative energies as well.  It is also a beautiful healing stone with gentle energies to ease you through healing process.  It also aids you to accept the truth in situtations and be honest with yourself.  It imparts love, luck and self confidence needed to move forward, heal and get more real with yourself.  

Lastly, it is known to the Native Americans as a Holy Stone and has been used in special ceremonies and prayers.  This is likely due to the fact that it also has beautiful properties to aid in intuition and connection with the heavenly realms.

That makes it a perfect stone to assist you on your healing journey to peace and growth.  Overall the energy of this stone is very clear, and totally feels like looking at beautiful billowing clouds float in a blue clear sky.


It is topped wtih rutilated quartz- another heavenly stone since the gold rutiles that run through it are said to be angels hair.  This is a powerful stone that lends a deep clearing energy to your spirit for healing.  It is an amplifiers for intuition and used often in meditations (again, watch those clouds roll by, meditation does not have to be sitting with eyes closed!).  It brings your mind to this moment and allows you to recieve information you need.

It is a powerful purifier of negative enrgy and cleanses and clears all the chakras.  

Together, I paired this stones to be both a powerful and peaceful piece to wear.  A talisman to bring you love, cofidence and clarity. 


My wish / mantra for those who wear this:


I know my truth

I am at peace with who I am and where I fit into this large beautiful world

I am open to knowing my connection with all things 

I am grateful for clarity

I am grateful for love

I am able to bring love and peace to others for I take time for myself to sit in this beautiful 

flowing energy around me.

Each day is heavenly, and so am I.


This piece is created with sterling silver wire and stainless steel chain.  The chain will not tarnish, but the wire may.  Just use a polish cloth on the wire if it begins to tarnish.  Do NOT dip this piece in silver cleaner as it may damage the stones.


Chain Options:

Long chain doubled option: The chain is long, and can be worn over the head, OR it can be doubled and worn shorter using the double S clasp as shown in the first couple photos


Single Chain adjustable option: You can order a single chain that is adjustable from about 16-20" No photos available


Leather with Sunstone option:  You can also order it with the leather and sunstones added to it.  The last pictures show that style, and that is adjustable also about 16-20" as well


Just specify in the comment section at checkout or email me separately.  If nothing is listed, you recieve the long chain that can be doubled. 



Pendant measures about 3.5" long and 1.5" across 




***disclaimer:  these stones cannot cure ailments or emotional trauma.  please do not use these ILO actual medical treatment.***

Though I truly believe they aid us in our journey, please use common sense and seek medical and theraputic advice when needed as well.  






Heavenly Day: White Chalcedony and Rutilated Quartz Necklace

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