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Ammonite focal is a genuine fossil, and has a beautiful rainbow sheen to it.  Copper wire attaches it to a lepidochrosite crystal with a bronze sacred heart charm on the bottom.  

The charm is handmade by me, using my own design.

lepidochrosite:  deepens intuition, emoitonal healing and gives a golden aura of protection

ammonite fossil:  fossil hold ancient energy, earth healing, the spiral shape means evolution

The pendant portion measures about 3 3/4" from the top of the ammonite to the bottom of the bronze charm and  2 1/2" across.

The chain is a thick rolo brass chain and the clasp can be used to make it adjustable by fastneing the clasp anywhere.

This piece is adjustable from about 15-20"

*stones metaphysical properties are no replacement for medical care

Sacred Earth Healer Fossil Necklace

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