This piece is called "Talisman of the Travler" and it represents all we aquire and accumulate through our lifes journey, and how that protects, and guides us.


It is part of my intuitive guided necklace line, and each one comes with a mantra, an empowerment story, a message for YOU- the person drawn to this piece.  Because you were not drawn to it for no reason.  These stones are beneficial to where you are in your journey, the healing energies are just what you need.


Talisman of the Traveler:

Simplicity is your suitcase as you travel this world.  Bringing only your tools gifted to you as you walk.  lightness gives you strength.  Not holding onto things you don't need allows for more of what you do!  you carry only love, light and truth and that is enough.  Turquoise will offer protection as you travel, hag stone offers magic.  Tourmalated quartz brings protection and universal energy.  fossil stone grounds you and brings ancient wisdom.


You will recieve the printed mantra card along with the necklace.


The wire work on this piece is entirely sterling silver and all hand forged.  The patina may change over time as it is natural.  Use a light polish cloth to buff high spots to re-shine.

The turquoise donut is an ancient symbol.  Turquoise has always been a stone of luck and protection.  This piece is gorgeous and mostly matrix wtih spots of turquoise, giving it the look of lichen on a stone.  The Hag stone is a naturally occuring rock with a hole in it, and it is said to be magical.  Double terminated quartz is energizining and the fossil stone brings ancient wisdom and water healing energy.

Leather cord is light and sturdy.


The clasp can be fastend anywhere in the chain, so it is adjustable from about 16"- 17" not including pendant portion (I can add chain to give you longer options, please add it in the message portion of the order or email me to add more)

The pendant portion is 2" at the widest and 5" long from the top of the wire to the bottom of the fossil stone.

The wire bar is about 3 1/2" across


Each piece is created by hand with the utmost care.  They are made for both comfort and fashion.  I hope any piece that finds its way to your wardrobe is a joy for you wear each and every time.


*piece is for adornmant only and does not claim to cure any ailment.  stones and crystals are a wonderful supplement to traditional therapies and wellness methods.

Talisman of the Traveler: Turquoise, Hagstone, Quartz and Fossil Necklace

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