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What can you expect from a reading with me?

I can do readings in person or online.  What I do is I sit down with your question and ask to connect with your energy and guides.  I pull cards for you I and read them intuitively.  Intuitive reading means that I go where I am guided and allow those thoughts / words and feelings to come through as the information you are meant to receive.  This means that something stands out to me, and I get pictures thoughts and feelings in my mind and guides the direction for the reading.  That is the information coming through from spirit for you. 

I ask only for information for your highest good.  So I have to trust that what comes through is such.  Sometimes things may not fit right away, and I ask that you would hold onto it, because eventually it may fit.  Making the information fit is not for me to do.  I just deliver what I get to you.  More often than not, I find it’s pretty right on, since spirit knows what you are ready to hear.

Sometimes a loved one in spirit will pop in to say hello.   I can also ask to see if anyone comes through for you.  Mediumship works differently for everyone.  This is how it works for me; I often get words in my head, and then I share them with you to see what they mean.  I sometimes see things, like clothes, or height or hair styles.  I am still learning my symbols as well, so sometimes a picture I get is for you directly to understand, and sometimes it’s MY symbol for something.  I can sometimes get a message for you and sometimes the message is simply that as soon as the opportunity presented itself your loved one took advantage to let you know they are with you.

Why do I do this?

Sometimes we need a confirmation that we are on the right path.  I believe that we are all intuitive and know what is best for us, however, we often second guess ourselves, or listen to everyone else’s opinions and it creates doubts and fears.  So sometimes a reading will simply to confirm what you already know is best for you and you just needed to hear it from your support team in spirit!  I love connecting with people and connecting you with information to help empower you. My hope is whatever you need hear comes through so you can be on the best path possible for happiness and peace.

Another reason I do this, is that I have always enjoyed mediumship and the healing it could bring to people.  When I realized that I actually had this gift, I was excited beyond words.  I love the healing that a reading or visit from a loved one can bring.  There is something so comforting in receiving a confirmation that they are ok and they are with us.  It is a beautiful thing and I am honored that I have the ability to share that with you.


What I will not do…

I will not read for someone who is not there in front of me.  I ask to receive information for you, so I will not read (for example) for your cousin in Alabama because I do not have their consent to do so.

I will not read for anyone under 18 years of age.

I also will not answer health questions, as I am not certified to diagnose or prescribe.   


What do you do with the information you get?

I deliver the information to you, and it is meant to guide you.  What you do with that information is entirely up to you.  I trust that it will put you in the direction you need to go.  All decisions on how to proceed after your reading are entirely up to you.   The information that comes through is a personal message for you, and I have confidence that you will know what to do with it from that point on.



All information and communication given during a reading is provided solely for inspirational and entertainment purposes only.  All messages and information provided is meant to be a guide and is not a replacement for legal, financial, medical or any other professional service or advice given by a licensed professional.  Users of these services agree to take full responsibility for decisions made based on guidance given.  User of these services agrees to take full responsibility for themselves and agrees to hold harmless Staci Louise Smith and any associated entities, in the event of improper use of the information given. By booking an appointment and keeping that appointment, the user of these services has read and agreed to be bound by the statements is this Disclaimer.

*for entertainment purposes only

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