I have always had a love of conversation.  I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with someone whom I can bare my soul to, share my stories with and in turn, hear theirs. Connecting on a deep and intimate level is something I cherish.   Jewelry, like conversation, is a way for me to share something that is inside me. It is intimate.  I create intuitively designed pieces.  What that means is I let them go wherever my heart says to take them, and I know, there is one person it is made for.  Sometimes my pieces are bright and spiritual, other times it may look like they were just dug up from the ground, brushed off and wired together into a necklace.  Whatever I create, it’s a little piece of me, of my mind, of my world, and I made it for you.  I know it will speak to someone out there, and when it does, that is how we connect.  We “get” each other.  Through that piece of art, I understand a piece of you, and you understand that piece of me.  I love that moment.  That moment when you “read what I have spoken” and accept it as your own.

My creativity is not limited to jewelry, and you may find a variety of items for sale on here.  As I have the urge to create things for myself, my friends or my home, I usually end up making some to share with the world.  So, stop by often, things change, new items come and go.  I hope you will find something that resonates with you.  My goal is to leave you with something that will make you smile time and time again.

Many Blessings.


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