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"Only when our roots are firmly planted deep within the earth, can we reach up to divinity." - staci (message from spirit)


Grounding is when we connected energetically to the earth beneath us.  There are many ways we can do this, and  a plethora of benefits as well. 


Grounding connects our energy with the healing energy of the earth.  It also keeps us firmly rooted here, while we expand our minds toward the heavens, allowing us to be firmly in the middle, where we are supposed to be. If you are sensitive to energy, or do any kind of energy work, this is a practice you will find benefits you when done daily.


Some of the easiest and my favorite ways to ground are:


1.  Stand with your feet flat on the floor, and imagine you are a tree.  Now visualize a pillar of light that runs straight through you top to bottom, and follow it down, through your feet.  Imagine yourself growing roots, through the soil, through the bed rock, and down down down, until you reach the center of the earth.  Next, you can breath in, and visualize earth energy climbing up those roots and filling you with clean healing waters.

2.  Walking barefoot is grounding, no visualization needed!

3.  Hug a tree!  Or just stand at a tree, and place your hands on it, and feel how it is firmly rooted into the ground.  Share that grounding energy with the tree.

4.  Wear crystals that aid with grounding.  Typically dark or black crystals do this.  Black tourmaline and smokey quartz are a couple of my favorites.

I personally love to do my daily ground outside if the weather permits.  It is a visualization that takes only a few minutes.  I combine it with some other energy work I do each day, and its so refreshing.  I can feel the difference on days when I do not take time to do it.  So I hope this helps and is a practice you will employ in your life.

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