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How to Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

By Staci Louise Smith

It is always a good idea to cleanse and charge your crystals periodically.  Especially before doing grids or working with them in depth.

Cleansing can be as simple as running them under water as you envision all energy that is not needed washing away.

You can also use sage and smudge them.

Some people like more of a ceremony, and do each element; water, fire, air and earth to cleanse.

You can run your stone under water, go quickly (and carefully) through a flame, then through smoke, and then in some earth.

Google is your friend here, as I believe you should read many ways to perform these things so you can find which resonates with YOU.

To charge them, you can put them in sunlight or leave them out during full moons. 

*Please note that some crystals are not compatible to be in water for long periods of time, and others fade in sunlight.  So, know your stones

* Also note, that my crystals come cleared with sage and charged with reiki already

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