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Staci Louise Smith is a mixed media artist, teacher, intuitive medium and healer.  She uses her gifts to create intuitive jewelry and art and help others find their strengths and tap into their own creativity.  She is passionate about helping others to heal so they can move forward in their lives with more love, power and purpose.

Staci has a deep appreciation for all forms of art, though jewelry has always had her heart captured. Embracing mixed media was a natural way to include all her various art forms in her jewelry.  Some of the things you can find in her pieces are bezel set gemstones, polymer clay, metal clay, crystals, antique and ceramic beads, sea glass and other found objects. 

Staci's focus is bringing together many elements while maintaining balance and beauty, just like she sees in the world around her.  By using beads she creates and designs herself, and hand forging each wire component and metal design, she ensures that no two pieces will be alike. Each takes on its own energy and life as she breathes it into creation.

Her love of art has also led her to teach, both online and in person.  She is passionate about teaching others to find their inner artist and push their creative boundaries.   She believes everyone is an artist, they just need to embrace their own way of creating.

She an Intuitive Medium and has followed a call to healing as well.  As a Reiki Master she enjoys bringing peace and healing to those closest to her, both family and pets.  She is currently working to "find her niche" in healing so she can share them more widely with the world. 

Walk this journey with her as she shares lessons, stories and tips for living a spiritual life filled with creativity and love.

Staci Louise Smith

Artist / Owner

I am Staci Louise Smith- artist, mom to three teens, two rescue dogs and a parrot.  I am an artist, nurturer, teacher and seer, lover of all things rock, stone and crystal, healer and bridge between worlds.  I create intuitive jewelry to bring you back to the powerful unique being you are and have always been!  These creations come from my soul, and are created for yours.  The words written tell the story of the talisman, and whom it was made for.  My hope is that when you adorn yourself with a piece from me, you are wrapped in power, courage, beauty and love.   

Project Support 

Pittie Support Team

Offers support when tough decisions need to be made.  Often found sleeping on the job.  

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