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Using a Pendulum for Divination and Energy Work



A pendulum can become a very personal tool to tap into your inner knowing.  It is not speaking to spirit and is NOT like a Ouija board.  It works with your own soul and the knowledge held there.  It responds by your soul sending small signals that move it one way or another to answer your questions.  Here are some tips to working with your pendulum.

1.  When you select a pendulum you feel drawn to, first you need to clear its energy.  You can easily do this by        blowing on it up and down.  It also imparts your own energy onto it.

2.  Now relax and take a few deep breaths.  Hold the pendulum so it is comfortable in front of you and allow it it to dangle freely.  Now as a yes or no question that you KNOW the answer to.  What which way it moves.  This is how you determine what is yes for you and what is no.  There will also be times you may get a maybe, which would be anything not yes or no movement.  (sometimes things are just not for us to know)

3.  When asking your questions, be sure to ask VERY specifically what it is you want to know, in a yes and no format.  For example, you may be hoping for a new deal to go through at work.  You may ask, "will this deal go through? " and then it doesn't.  But were you specific about which deal?  A better way to ask is "will the deal with :insert name here: that I am currently working on go through this week?"  Now you can be sure the answer is for that specific deal.



Energy Work

You can use a pendulum in energy work and energy healing as well.  

1.  In reiki or other healing modalities, a pendulum can be held over a certain area to see if it is balanced.  By the motion of the pendulum you can feel what the energy is like in that area and then correct it.

2.  You can use a pendulum to connect your crystal grid.  Instead of touching all the stones to activate your grid, you can simply use a pendulum over it and set the intention for it to bring all the energy together in balance.  I do this when I use a crystal grid around my candles in ceremonies.  It is hard to touch each crystal around the candle, so I started doing this and it is beautiful and balances everything before I begin.

3.  You can use a pendulum to see how your energy in each chakra is by holding it over your palm, and then visualizing each chakra, and watch what the pendulum is doing.  A large open circle means that chakra is open and moving correctly.

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