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Herbal Clearing Bath /Shower

There are times I feel VERY down after doing a lot of readings or energy work.  It is so important, for everyone, to clear our energy and replenish it.  One of my favorite ways to do this is with herbs, salt and essential oils.  I wanted to share how I create a unique bath for myself and clear my energy.  This never fails to leave me re-energized.


I start by getting a pot to boil water in and then select some herbs from my shelf.  For me, it is a highly intuitive process.  However, to clear, it always include sage.  The rest can be selected for their magical properties or nutritional properties.  Just make sure you research anything you add to your bath for safety!


Next I add water and boil.  This makes a tea from the herbs that you added.  I let it cool a little a bit, but not entirely before adding it to the pitcher.


I use a plastic pitcher I got at the thrift store since I take mine in the shower with me.  No glass in the shower!


When the tea is done, I strain it as I pour it into the pitcher.  I know many people who just add herbs to their bath, but I personally do not like the mess!  This way, you get all the benefit and none of the mess.


While the tea is still warm, I add salt so it dissolves.  You can use sea salt, Epsom salt, fancy black salt, or pink Himalayan salt.  I am pretty sure table salt is fine too if that is all you have.  Salt helps to re-energize your energy field.  It has the same effect as a dip in the ocean or being by the sea.  The salt ions are wonderfully charged to make you feel amazing!  I then choose some essential oils to put in and my herbal bath is ready.  You can either add this to your bath, or take it in the shower with you.  I usually do the shower, and I fill it to the brim with nice warm water, and then use a washcloth splash it all over.  I usually shower first and then do this second with a quick rinse after.  As I do it, I imagine all the negative or stagnant energy washing away and going down the drain.

I actually leave my herbs in the pot and do this for a few days in a row.  Each time the tea gets a little weaker, but I feel it a good use of the herbs and it gives you that extra clearing, to be sure you are all fixed up energetically!

Happy Clearing!

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