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Intention Candles


We use our energy and set intentions in all we do.  We are constantly sending out information to the universe.  When we focus our energy and are more mindful of what we are sending out, we can then work towards the things we actually want to bring ito our lives.  

I love using candles to do this.  Creating a candle using certain colors, herbs and oils and burning it with purpose as you meditate on your goals and desires has a very powerful effect on our lives.  The more you put thought into your candle and the ceremony around it, the more energy you are putting toward your goal.  You can place stones around your candle that you feel led to use, or that emphasize what it is you are trying to manifest.  You can recite a mantra, prayer or spell.  You can hum or whatever you feel led to, because there is no wrong way to do it.  

I like to create my candle intuitively, choosing colors, herbs and oils I feel led to.  I then use a clean space, sage the area and set up my ceremony.  I place around crystals and may even lay out some oracle cards.  I write a mantra or my desires on paper so I can focus on them during my candle burning.  Then I light my candle and ask for my intentions to be heard and met.  I meditate and visualize them coming to fruition.  

Your personal ceremony can be as elaborate or simple as you desire.

It is a beautiful way to connect with your desires and take time to focus and relax and allow yourself to blend with the universe for awhile.

About the intention candles and sets I sell:

1.  The candles I sell are not a replacement for professional help or actively working toward your goals.  They are to supplement your actual movement and progress on your journey.

2.  Candles are NOT traditional candle size, they are called chime candles and are about 1/4" across.  If you do not have a special holder for this size, I include extra was that can be wrapped around the bottom so it fits a traditional candle holder.

3.  Candles burn about 20 minutes but it does vary at times.  Please never leave unattended.  If extra wax is used to fit into a traditonal candle holder, this may more then double the time it burns.

4.  Candles should be allowed to burn out completely by themselves, however, if you cannot finish and must leave, just set the intention that you will continue this later, or that it is done and sent out to the universe.  Everything is about the intentions you set for them!

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