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How to set up and use an Intuitive Crystal Grid

By Staci Louise Smith

So, I am a Sagittarius, and we are not exactly known for following rules and completing checklists.  So I find it freeing and in tune with my nature to trust my intuition when doing most things.  Crystal grids are one of those things.

Now, there are lots of videos on them and sites to read about them, and I do encourage that you do that.  I would just like to share how I use them and the basics with you.  I truly feel like you should read up on them, and then set them up and use them in whatever way resonates with you, because that is your intuition talking to you!


The premise of a grid is to use the energy of certain crystals to attain an energy shift or outcome.  For example, you can do a grid for a successful business, or to bring happiness to a room of your home.  The possibilities are endless.


The way the work, is you set your intention in the cent.  You can even write a note if you wish.  On top of that you put a quartz generator.  It should ideally point upwards, as to carry the energy up.  However, again, do what feels right to you for your desired outcome.

Around the center choose stones that carry the properties that are useful for achieving your goal.  Arrange them in a circle, or a few circles around the center stone.  You can do four directions, you can do it like a clock, or you can use a crystal grid cloth or board and place them on specific areas.

Once you have your stones laid out you activate your grid.  To do this, you take another crystal (not from the board) and touch the center gemstone.  Then touch the closest gemstone and touch the center again.  Do it like a game of connect the dots- touch a stone, touch the center, touch a stone, touch the center.  Sometimes I even connect it the next stone and then to the center.  As you do this, think of what your desired outcome is.  When finished, leave it up for as long as you feel you need to.

The most important part is to have fun!

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