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Staci Louise Smith is a mixed media jewelry artist, intuitive medium, reiki master and LMT.

Her passion is healing, guiding others to feel empowered and creative expression through art and writing. She has found much healing in her own art and creating unique pieces of jewelry for others.

She uses her intuition to guide her when making her crystal creations, knowing that spirit directs her to do what is needed for each individual in a healing session as well as creating jewelry that will benefit the person it finds.


She believes each person, each body has all it needs to heal itself and she is merely a guide and provides tools and shares her own lessons to help others find their balance, their power and to heal and move forward.

Her jewelry is unique. Creating with spirit, each piece of holds a unique vibration, that is made for someone specific.  She channels messages for each piece, knowing the message, and the talisman, is meant for a specific person.  She is merely the channel. 

When a person embodies the message, and wears the jewelry, its like a contract with themselves, that this is the energy they need, the energy they will take on to move through wherever they are on their journey.

Staci has walked through much grief, trauma and loss in her life, and found her own healing through her connection with spirit. She has learned the power of forgiveness and self love and learned so much on her journey. She shares and teaches and uses her gifts to help others as they walk their path.

She seeks to always understand the bigger picture of why things happen and understand the lessons in each new phase of her life.

Staci Louise Smith

LMT / Reiki Practitioner / Artist

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