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Home Reading Party


Would you like to have your friends and loved ones over and enjoy some insight, healing and messages from spirit?  Well, you can book me for a home reading party!

In order to book a party, there is a non-refundable $50 fee and a minimum of 6 booked readings.  The host of the event or guest of honor gets a free reading and special surprise gift.

Guests can book with the host prior to the party to ensure a spot, though others can be added during the party as time allows.

Readings are $20 each for approximately 15 minutes.  A half hour is $45.

Readings include intuitive messages, oracle cards and / or mediumship.  


My focus in a reading is passing on the information, words, feelings and images I get from spirit for you.  I do not tell your future, but, pass on the messages your guiding team feels it is important for you to know right now.  They often direct us to our own emotions, actions and blocks that keep us from attaining the things we desire.  This is to aid us in changing patterns that keep us from enjoying our lives to the fullest.  It is healing, and uplifting and always meant to move us forward with more love, confidence and happiness.

I can answer questions you may about things you have going on in your life as I feel directed by spirit.  What I do not do, is diagnose health issues, read people who are not present, or tell you the future.  The future is always changing based on our choices.  I can show you possible outcomes and share what spirit is encouraging you to pursue. 

I can also connect with passed loved ones through my mediumship.  Though I cannot guarantee who will come through, or always connect with a specific person, I find that spirit usually sends you who you need to hear from most and the messages are often healing in a very special way.

If you have any questions or would like to book a party, please email me at

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