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Mediumship Readings

What can you expect from a mediumship reading?

When I sit down to do a mediumship reading for you, I will open up and ask if there is anyone who wants to come forward.  Sometimes I can try to get someone specific for you, but I cannot promise it.

I receive information from your loved ones in many ways.  I often see pictures, words or numbers.  I also get information that just pops in my mind, like a word or a line from a song.  As I get images, I ask you if they mean anything to you.  Sometimes the image is something you will understand and sometimes it’s my symbol which represents something (for example, jelly beans is my symbol for spring).  I will ask you’re your loved ones questions so I can get confirmations for you.   I want you to know that it is indeed your loved one.  As the reading goes longer I often get more information, feelings and can even “hear” them make comments or jokes.  It is very interactive because I often can’t go on until I tell you what I was just shown.  Sometimes the connection is short and sweet and sometimes I get a lot of information.  It is always a unique experience.


What should you do to prepare for a reading?

If there is someone you want to hear from, it doesn’t hurt for you to ask them to come through ahead of time.  Even though we don’t always sense them around, they are here and they hear you!  So ask them to come through.  I have found that they usually will do so.  Other than that, just relax and enjoy messages from your loved ones. 


What makes me qualified to be a medium?

Well, I have nothing official for you.  When I began to explore my spiritual gifts, mediumship just came pretty naturally.  I would be doing cards for someone, or just think about a person and wonder if they may like a reading, and before I knew it, someone would pop in for them.  The more I paid attention to it, the more spirit started coming around and trying to get my attention.  So, I practiced and began to learn some of my symbols and get feedback from people.  I was amazed at how accurate these images and feelings I was getting really were!  I have always LOVED watching mediums work and the healing it would bring to people.  There is something so beautiful about reuniting someone with a loved one, even if it is just for an hour.  So when I realized I had this gift, I could not wait to share it with others.

So that is it. It’s just a gift I have and I feel extremely blessed to be able to use it to bring love and healing to others.

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