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Are you an artist and interested in how I make my beads look so old and worn?  Well, this tutorial will show you the painting techniques I use on my polymer clay beads.

These techniques can also be used in mixed media art (you can even use it on blank fired ceramic beads- though it does look different because they absorb the colors different.)  

What this tutorial shows:

This tutorial shows the many layers I use, the materials needed and sealers that are reccomended for polymer clay.  It has pictures and is stepped out so you can follow easily.

What this tutorial does NOT show:

how to make the beads.  This only shows how to paint your already formed and baked polymer clay beads.

Please note:  This tutorial shows you a painting technique.  I purposely did not show the making of the beads, because I want you to use it on YOUR style beads.  Please do not recreate my bead designs.  I hope that you will be inspired to make your own designs and find many uses of this technique to put a new spin on them!

This tutorial is a download.  You will get an email receipt after purchasing that will allow you to download the PDF file.

If you have any questions, please email me at


 You will receive links to download their Digital products in the Thank You page of the Checkout,
along with an emailed link that will last for 30 days.  Please be sure to download your file in that time frame- thanks!

This tutorial is in english.


Staci has been featured in numerous magazines such as Belle Armoire, wrote for Love my Art Jewelry, a teaching blog, for 5 years, and was recently featured in Polymer Journeys, a polymer clay book featuring new and exciting work.  She loves to create and loves to teach and hope you will find some new inspiration here.

Ancient Artifacts: The Crackle Glaze Technique

  • This tutorial is the property of Staci Louise Smith.  It is for your personal use only.  Please do not share the contents with anyone else.  Teaching this technique is not permitted.  Thank you for your integrity.

    It is even very much appreciated for you to share a link to my tutorial if people ask where you learned this.

    Thanks again, and have fun creating!

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