THIS LISTING IS FOR ONE NECKLACE STRAND (multiple necklaces are shown in the first picture to show the variaty of the quartz)


This necklace is part of my Custom Reiki Infused Jewelry Line.  This lines designs are much simpler and for daily wear so you can absorb the benefits of the stones as well as the reiki that I add to it.  Each piece is made upon your order, and will vary slightly due to the natural materials. When finished, I clear it with sage and palo santo, and I sit with the piece and fill it with reiki energy, specifically for YOU.  


This piece is titled Divine Empowerment.  It is made from chunky, faceted, gorgeous tourmalated and clear quartz.  This piece is nothing short of powerful.  Clear quartz is the ultimate manifeting crystal, healer, protector, and paired with the tourmaline in quartz offers even more protection and grounding.  This is the ultimate energy piece.  I have one I made for myself, and everyone has been asking for them.  I finally found more of these stones and I am so happy to be able to share these wonderful necklaces with you while the supplies last to create them.

As a psychic medium, being equally grounded, and spiritually connected is important.  This piece gives me that feeling.  It keeps me "in the middle" where i need to be and helps me to hold onto that energy as long as I need to.


Another wonderful quality of quartz if that it is easily programable.  Just hold your stones in your hands while concentrating on what energy you need this to hold and carry for you.  Think of them like a battery, and you are filling your tank for later.



My wish / mantra for those who wear this:


I am both light and dark.

I embrace all that I am.

I am grounded.  I connect my energies deep within the earth.

I am divine.  I connect my energies with the heavens.

I am open.  I allow myself to flow with wisdom, healing and power.

I am divinely guided to my higest good.

I am limitless.  I am the stars.  I am the sun.

I am all I need and I am on the right path.

Powerful Goddess, divinely empowered, walk forward and do not look back.


This piece is created with sterling silver wire and stainless steel chain.  The chain will not tarnish, but the wire may.  Just use a polish cloth on the wire if it begins to tarnish.  Do NOT dip this piece in silver cleaner as it may damage the stones.


Each piece is unique and stones will vary.  As shown, some are very black, some clear, some have black inclusions and others are milky.  Please allow for variations in your design.


The chain is adjustable from about 15-20" so you can change how it hangs depending on the necklace of your top!  Just fasten the clasp in any chain link to adjust.  



Focal portion measures about " across and stone are about  " tall.  



(I try to get it out within a few days, but need the cushion just in case)


***disclaimer:  these stones cannot cure ailments or emotional trauma.  please do not use these ILO actual medical treatment.***

Though I truly believe they aid us in our journ