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Setting intentions with ritual and ceremony is a wonderful way to bring growth, healing and empowerment into your life.


Everything is energy but when we sit and intentionally use ojects that are grounded in this reality, we integrate energy into our 3-d world.


When you purchase this package, I sit with spirit and your energy and ask what it is you need right now.

I then create a custom candle using color, herbs and oils based on what I hear.

I write an intuitive mantra (these vary widely and I just channel for you personally, they can range from a short and sweet mantra to a poem to a spell to an elaborate encouraging statement).

I pick stones that spirit leads me to and create a unique crystal stretch bracelet custome made just for you!

And then I add some crystals to use during your ceremony.


You can then set up your candle, place the bracelet hear it, add the crystal around it and use anything else you feel guided to.

Light the sage and clear the area asking for protection and clarity.

Light your candle.

Sit reciting your mantra or just sit that energy that you are brining into reality while burning the candle.

Then wear your bracelet as a reminder, a talisman, and for the stones energy, to carry that intention forward with you.



In this package you will recieve one handmade chime candle.

A chime candle holder.

3 crystals

one gemstone bracelet

intuitively channeled mantra

sprig of sage




*******************Please be sure to select the bracelet size you need***************************

This is the inner diameter, and you can measure your wrist with a piece of string and then a ruler to find exact size. 





Always use care when burning candles. 

Never leave unattended.

Candles take between 10-30 minutes to burn down completely.

Please allow ample time to sit and observe this process. 

Burn on a fire safe base (ceramic, glass, stone, concrete)


*********For entertainment purposes only.*******************


Ritual: Intuitively Created Bracelet and Ceremony Kit

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