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Intuitive Readings / Tarot Cards / Mediumship

What can you expect from a reading?

Readings can offer you insight into your own self, and guide you in making choices and changing directions in your life.  The information is channeled from spirit, angels and your own personal team of guides to aid you in the direction best suited for you.

Staci's messages are honest and healing.  They will always tell you what you need to hear in a loving and kind way.  Her goal is to help others to see deeper into their choices and to teach them to feel their way to the solutions that best fit their energy and souls path in this world. 

How does a reading work? 

You can ask a specific questions or just receive a general reading.  Often readings go right to the heart of the matter, and bring up emotions, fears or other challenges in our lives that we need to heal, in order to bring in the change we seek.  This is how life works, this is how energy works and this is how we can achieve the life we desire, through facing what is not working for us any longer and healing it.

Staci offers readings via video chat, email or messenger.  She also is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner, and can offer healing after a session to work on fears, healing grief, or even exploring past life patterns and fears that have been brought into this life.

A 15 minute $20 reading can offer guidance for one question in an area of your life.  Staci uses Oracle or Tarot cards as a tool, but allows the information to come from spirit for your highest good.

If you are looking for deeper guidance or have multiple questions, a half hour session is recommended and that is $45

A full hour is $80, and these sessions are great if you want Staci to first see what spirit is saying for you via her intuition, using cards for clarity, and some mediumship to see who is around you in spirit. 


Her price for reiki is the same, so if you want to combine both you can- 15 minutes of each....however you wish to combine them.

Please contact her via her email staci.louise@hotmail.com 

or her Facebook page to set up an appointment.