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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing modality that uses chi (universal energy) channeled through the healer.  It is very relaxing and can be done either hands on or hands off to fit everyone’s comfort level. 

If you are new to reiki, it can be thought of like this, it is kind of like charging a battery so it works better.  Sending reiki energy to the body, especially to areas that are in pain or there are disruptions, adds the extra energy needed for your body to heal itself. 

How can it help me?

Reiki helps individuals in many ways.  It is very relaxing and people often feel relaxed and renewed after a reiki session.  It can also aid in the healing of physical ailments and pain reduction.  Often, emotional and energetic issues are also cleared and sent healing, since healing is a mind / body / spirit event.  


Who is Staci?

Staci is an Usui Reiki Master.  She is very connected to the earth and to nature, and she brings that energy into her healing work.  She also uses her intuitive gifts to bring healing to both physical and emotional disruptions in the body and energy field.  Using a combination of reiki, crystals and /or sound healing, Staci is happily guided on an individual basis as to what each person needs.  She is also a psychic medium and at times receives messages that bring emotional healing and encouragement from your spirit team or loved ones who have crossed over which is always profoundly healing.

*Reiki is not promised to treat or cure any diseases or ailments.  It is not meant to replace traditional medical care.  Everyone’s response will be different and there are no guarantees.


Reiki / Energy Healing

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