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What people have to say about Staci's work...

About Staci's Jewelry and Art:


Hello Staci, I love your energy. From the day my "grounded" necklace came, even before I knew it was here (outside my door), it has completely transformed my life. I am a multi-media & collage artist & your energy ended a non creative period of many months.

-Suzy G.

Staci has the ability to not only make beautiful art in her creations, but goes further with connecting to her Higher Vibration that gives them such Energy that it can be felt immediately by those that resonate with it. Staci isn't just an artist, she is a Divine Soul, sharing to the world the innate beauty of Source. 

-John RavenWolf

About Staci's Readings:

" I had a reading with Staci and it was amazing. Everything that she said was spot on. It reassure me now is the time for some changes, good changes.

When she was asking me if I have any questions, or if there's someone I would like her to try to contact, my godmother showed up. She was the person I wanted to contact. She had a message for me: "Don't burn the cookies." It mean the world to me to get her message and to know she's with me while I'm cooking. I miss her so much. I still have goosebumps and happy tears. The best reading I ever had."

-Jesaida Zayas Snyder

"Staci is an absolute sweetheart, so kind, and amazing at what she does. She did a reading on me a few weeks ago with having little knowledge about me. She is extremely talented and I am still in awe over what she was able to tell me.. it was spot on! I cannot wait to have another reading done!!"

-Jo Durfey

About Staci's Gold Rush Class:

"It’s my most favourite tutorial I’ve bought from any artist and I use and reuse many of the techniques I learnt " -Debby Wakley

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