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Allowing Guidance

by Staci Louise Smith

There are days I truly struggle to trust I am guided. Some days I just feel so closed off. Yet spirit always has a way to remind me of how much guidance I actually do have.

I went rock shopping with a friend last week, and I kept picking up these bags of stones, crazy lace agate, serpentine and perfect little diamond shaped fluorite. Then I kept putting them back and thinking, I do not need more stones! (said no one ever) However, I ended up buying them. So of course, when I get home, I read up on their metaphysical qualities and was like, “OK, these are good stones to have on hand”.

As you can see I am getting quite the collection to share with you all!

Soon after was the Full Moon, and the second blue moon of the year (so rare to have them so close).

So, I wanted to do a little candle intention and alter for the full moon. I like to do them for the full moon and new moon each month. When the moon is full, you create the intention of what you would like to wane in your life with the waning moon. My candle this month- created to remove fear and doubt! Because let’s face it, that struggle is also real!

* If you are local and want to come out and make a Full Moon Intention Candle, you can find out where, how and when here!

I typically set up my alter in various locations in our home- usually trying to find a quiet corner in the studio or family room. This time however, I felt compelled to do my alter and ceremony in our bedroom, which is totally NOT where I typically do these things. You see, my husband and I have been struggling with some anxiety and sleep issues. So along with the candle, I did a crystal grid so it could stay set up in our room. Crystal grids are a way of using the energy of stones to achieve an energy shift. I figured, if this is where I am feeling I should do this, there must be a reason.

Before I set up my grid and candle, I cleaned the room and smudged. We have a window over our bed, so on the window sill I have this HUGE hunk of black tourmaline on it. The thought of that stone is to prevent negativity from coming in through the window. My husband HATES this thing. Its raw tourmaline, so it sheds little spikes. He calls it “the lump of coal” HA!

(not everyone sees the beauty of raw stones like I do)

Anyhow, as I was cleaning up, my attention went to it, and I kept thinking of how much he hates it, and so, I thought, maybe, just maybe, I should listen to HIS intuition and take it out of the room for a while. So, I put it outside to get some full moonlight and rain washing over it.

After that I took one of the singing bowls and waked around the room, and as the bowl sang I sent my wishes for the room, for us, for our future out with the vibrations; peace, love, trust, growth.

I went ALL OUT people. I was really into setting a peaceful intention in our bedroom.

Now, it was time to set up the crystal grid. So I went to my stash of stones to pick. Of course, I went right to the new ones. So I read again what each one helped with…………

Serpentine: clear blocked and stagnant energy

Yep, we need that, check!

Crazy Lace Agate: healing, happiness, optimism, stabilizing emotions

Yep, need that too, check!

Fluorite: absorbs and neutralizes negative energy and stress. Enhances positivity and balances energy.

Yep, need that too. Check!

I added in quartz which magnifies the energy of the stones around it. I threw in some citrine for good measure (also brings warmth, transmutes negative energy and brings abundance).

I felt like I should put two of my big amethyst crystal chunks on either side (amethyst is always a good choice, it covers everything!!! In this case I was hoping to draw its calming and peace qualities!)

At the base I put a yellow calcite, which aids in confidence and boosts energy (because we were tired and cranky from not sleeping well of course!!!)

I stood there looking at this grid and thought to myself “look at that, I was totally guided to get all the crystals I needed for this!” That is pretty cool.

Now, my hubs is both on board with weird energy crystal ways, and he also thinks I have cracked some days! So I didn’t tell him anything I did in our room.

After a couple days, he says to me, “I have been sleeping great! I don’t remember the last time I slept all night and work a little before the alarm.” This man has struggled with sleep for months and months. And here I am just nodding. How cool is that? I mean really? And you know what? My strongest feeling was that getting rid of that huge black tourmaline was most of the reason. And he knew it.

I am learning to trust. Trust myself, trust spirit, and trust others intuition too.

Furthermore, I am so excited to delve deeper into these stones I have always loved.

And so I ponder……why do we train ourselves to not believe in magic and miracles? Why do we train ourselves to disregard these synchronicities? Because when we begin to see them, we can be thankful for them, they are little gifts from the universe. And who doesn’t like gifts?

Trusting these “coincidences” as something more allows us to see the beauty around us. It brings us gifts everywhere. Why would we deny ourselves that?

Thank you for allowing me to share with you all. I have begun a wonderful personal journey to heal and grow and I am happy to be able to share it with you all.

Again, if you are local and wish to learn more, I will be doing a little candle making class at Satori Spiritual Center in Hereford PA once a month. You can find more info on that here.

I am also selling packs of crystals for gridding in my shop. You can read about crystal grids here or watch google a video on them.

As with all things, I am all for putting your own spin it. Don’t feel like you need to have all the fancy things for them to work! It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. It has to match YOU, it has to have your energy and your style. That is what matters.

I hope you find this helpful and allow it to open you up to trusting that gut instinct, after all, that is what our intuition is.

Many blessings!

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