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Poetry for Perspective

I have felt a call to put pen to paper these days. I used to write all the time, poetry had always been a way for me to get through tough emotional times. I wrote a lot as a teen, but totally got away from it in my adult life. (these are some of my actual teenage notebooks of poetry!)

I am once again embracing this gift and allowing whatever comes to pour out. Not surprising, it tends to be a a lot of empowering words, encouraging me to draw on my own strength and power, and be thankful and loving and to share my gifts with others.

Today I wrote these words of gratitude, and the poem below them.


Thank you to nature, to earth and to sky for teaching us to find our resolute strength, for teaching us movement and the power of moving forward, for teaching us change and cycles. Thank you for teaching us gentleness and power. Most of all, thank you for these words to recite, as a reminder of all these things.


I am a MOUNTAIN resolute

Standing strong I reach the sky.

I am a raging mountain stream

An altered mountain lullaby.

I am a storm upon the sea

My power lights the waves.

I am a breeze, a soft caress

Clearing agonies away.

My strength comes from the mountains.

My strength comes from the sea.

My strength comes from above, below

Part of all, I still am ME.

By Staci Louise Smith


Today let's remember that on an atomic level, we really are part of everything. Atoms in motion create energy and that same energy runs through us that runs through mountains, lightning, and water. Lets remember that we are part of all that is beautiful and it is part of us as well. We can learn from the world around us, remind ourselves of the stillness and beauty out there by using visualizations of nature and all its glory. We can take a break from the drama of emotions, and stress and worry by remembering the glorious intricacies of our world. It is so amazingly designed to work together. Sometimes we need to slow down and look at the bigger picture.

Cards for the Week of November 19th, 2018

I pulled a few cards for this week, and they were all about changing our perspective and making sure we are seeing things clearly, without illusion (self illusion). They were about NOT giving in to worry, and a caution to make sure our thoughts are in a place that serves us best. This does not just happen. We have to train ourselves to put things into a perspective that serves us. For me, thinking about nature, and science and all the amazing ways our world interacts with us and the creatures of this planet help me to get out of my head. Going for a walk, even just up and down my road, reminds me that no matter is happening in my home or in my head, the birds still sing beautiful songs and the breeze still feels clearing as it blows on my face. Animals still scurry about and the sounds of man and nature mix together in a symphony of familiar sounds. Walking my neighborhood reminds me that everyone is facing battles, and we are not alone.

Have a beautiful week, and be sure to give yourself a break, and show yourself some love. Remember to praise yourself for all you have accomplished and how far you have come (instead of focusing on how far you have to go, and YES, I wrote those words for myself too. I totally struggle with this. Please know that everything I share is because I have been there or more likely, I am there and need to be reminded as well).

Love and Gratitude,


PS- If you would like some encouragement from Spirit, I offer an Intuitive Mantra in my etsy shop. It is only $10! I connect with spirit to get images for you, powerful things to write into your mantra. I also jot down any information or images I get for you as well. I have a sample in the listing and here is one I wrote as well. Its an inexpensive reminder to you, from your spiritual team that your are amazing, and powerful and how they see you!

Angie Intuitive Mantra

Intuitive Symbolism / Vision for you:

Butterfly wings

A fairy with butterfly wings, standing on a mountains edge, wings spread wide

Initial words written for you:

I am bright and full of magic.

I spread my wings wide, as I stand at the top of the mountain.

Beautiful and new as a freshly emerged butterfly.

Love and joy are my magic and laughter my strength.

I draw upon lighthearted moments to lift my wings,

So I can soar above the dark valleys and see with new eyes.

I have emerged beautiful and new.

DO NOT mistake these wings as fragile,

They carry me to my destiny.

Poetic Mantra:

I am bright and full of magic, with wings spread wide upon the hill

Beautiful and new, freshly emerged, I draw on my strength, my love and will

Magic is found in my love and joy and powers my wings to soar

Looking down into darkness I am the light, I see it new forevermore

These wings of mine, they are not weak, they will not easily tear

Light but strong, they carry me forward, my destiny I will find there.

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