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The Power of Gratitude

Wouldn’t we all like to create more abundance in our lives? Why does it feel like sometimes things are going really good and then all of a sudden, BAM- nothing is going right?

The law of attraction says like attracts like. So, we need to examine our thoughts that are happening when something comes up that is not to our liking (because thoughts are energy). If we are honest, most of us go right to the place of, “oh no, here we go, I knew things were going to good…..what is going to happen next?” We begin to worry, or be angry at the interruption to our plans. We begin to resist what is going on, and we do not accept it. We reject it.

Now imagine energy as flowing. And let’s picture a light switch. When it is on, the energy can freely flow. When it is off, the energy connection is disconnected. (Thank you Silver Ravenwolf for that anology!)

Now associate the words allow / resist for on / off. Allowing, creates the energy pattern of flow. When you allow something, it is moving, growing, flowing. When you resist, it stops, shuts down, is not allowed to move any further. It is blocked.

So, when something comes up that is not part of our plan, if we can trust that this is merely an opportunity for us to use our wisdom and resources and to examine what is in front of us to learn and grow, then we can allow it. And energy continues to flow.

We can look at our circumstance and ask if it is because we need to change direction. We can ask if it is because we need to tackle and solve it. We can ask if it is a lesson in trust.

I believe that more time then not, it is simply to teach us to allow. To conquer these thought patterns that do not serve us.

When we allow and accept, our energy stays positive- that flow is open. And we can trust that good will come. Solutions will come.

How many of you have ever resolved a problem while angry? Who has had that light bulb go off when we are worrying?

Probably no one. Because when we are fighting our circumstance, we are blocking the energy from coming. We have shut down that line of communication with God, the universe, the divine, even with our own intuition. Answers and solutions don’t come when we shut down.

But when we trust in our ability to figure out what to do next, when we trust that things always look up eventually, and that they never stay “here” in this place of problems very long, then we can be open to answers and solutions.

I think gratitude is the ultimate energy of abundance. When we are grateful for what we have in our lives we are open. We are creating the energy of positivity. We are saying to God, to the universe that we understand our relationship, and trust in it and trust in ourselves. We are saying thank you for how we have been supported, we are saying thank you for our abilities and success. We are saying thank you for our lessons and challenges that have made us strong; changed our direction; put us on a path we would not have taken, ect.

Gratitude comes from the heart. It comes from a place of love. Love for ourselves, love for those around us, love of our planet, the little miracles like beautiful sunrises, fresh air, rain, warm meals……. gratitude as a practice opens the heart to the beauty all around.

When we begin to see all the little things in our lives as gifts, and we are thankful for those gifts, we are making an open connection for more gifts to come. We are allowing that switch to be ON. Abundance is a gift.

Gratitude in itself is a gift. It allows us to focus our thoughts on what we do have. Joy comes from being able to see the beauty in our lives. So, I encourage you to begin to practice gratitude today. Let’s challenge ourselves to start every day with what we are grateful for. Then, and only AFTER gratitude, we can make a list of the things we are looking to resolve in our lives. We trust that solutions will come, and we remain open to seeing them when they are presented to us. Allow them to come.

This is a personal struggle for me, as I am sure it is for many of you. When I began this journey of healing and empowerment, I would pull an oracle card every day, and at least once a week, if not more I would pull the Gratitude card. I was totally like “what???? Am I ungrateful? Who or what am I not appreciating?” I did not understand.

That was over a year ago, and just recently I finally get it. I was being asked to look deeper into gratitude. I was being asked to see the connections between gratitude, joy and abundance. I was being asked to examine the energy flow, and how gratitude is like the on switch. I see it now. And that is ok. Better late than never!

And believe me, this is still a daily struggle. My mind automatically fills with scenarios I do not want to play out. I have to make a strong effort to redirect my thoughts all the time.

One of the ways I do this is to take a walk. And no, it is not convenient, but yes, I do make time for it. Getting outside helps me to get out of my head. I can smell the beautiful air, and hear the birds and see the trees. I remember how big and magical this world is. I remember how miraculous it is just for the air I breathe to be created. I am part of something so much bigger than me, and my thoughts and my worries. It brings me perspective. Then, I can once again, add in gratitude. Thank you for this air, thank you for the birds. Thank you that I have learned to love myself enough to make this time to walk a priority. It serves me mentally and physically. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Find what it is for you. What do you need to do to shift that switch to on? A walk? A bath? A meditation? A massage? A prayer? A song? Journaling? Hugging someone you love? Donating your time to others or to environmental cleanup? Find it. Find what helps you to shift back to the energy of gratitude and do it, and be thankful for it!

Thank you, universe, for always teaching me. When I am open, the lessons are everywhere. Abundant lessons! Thank you for my ability to see them, for the lessons, and for the wisdom I gain from them.

In gratitude and joy,


PS- if you are local, please consider coming out to our Gratitude Candle Class tonight at Satori Spiritual Center. We will create a candle and light them together, to send all we are grateful for out to the universe! It is always a beautiful time of fellowship and healing.

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