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The Magic of Ruby; Harnessing crystal energy to set intentions in your life

I believe that we have so much power over our lives, our healing and making changes. Much of that is energetic.

Our energy goes where we put our focus, our emotions. But along with that, we also have to do concrete things in the actual 3-d. This grounds our intentions into our reality.

This is why so many people, like me, do ceremonies. We light candles, use herbs, oils and crystals to add to our energy and call in the changes we seek in our lives.

I like to also combine this with doing tasks the same day that put energy into the changes I am working on.

For example, if I am working on building my business, I will combine an intention candle along with tasks towards marketing.

If I am working on healing, self love and self care, I will take a walk, make myself something nice or stretch or meditate to begin the process and signal to the universe that I am now moving in this direction.

There is no denying that I love crystal jewelry. We can take the energy and properties of the stones, and actually wear them daily to aid us.

So sometimes, I create pieces for myself to embody the things I am bringing to fruition.

Then I do a candle and meditate on my intention. As it burns I infuse my energy and intentions with the pieces.

As I wear the piece the following days, weeks or even months, that intention is set, and carried with me.

I set up space or alter with crystals, herbs and flowers that match the intentions I seek. In this case I went with clear quartz, apopylite, herkimer diamond and a tourmaline quartz, full of amazing powerful clear energy, as I am seeking to clear out old hurt and patterns. I chose rose petals and roses to represent love and heart healing.

Then I place my jewelry around the space my candle will burn.

I chose a pink candle to represent my heart. For healing and also to bring the love I have for what I do into all things I create.

I used oils for abundance, healing, prosperity and love as well as rosemary and alfalfa for luck and abundance!

Ruby is a stone that spirit keeps bringing me back to the past year.

I tragically became an only parent in 2019.

So it has been a long journey of healing, learning to manage life, a household and build my businesses the past few years.

This requires focus that I do not naturally seem to have! Ruby is wonderful with helping focus.

It is also known for building confidence and working through fears and doubts.

In the past 3 years I can say, I have come so very far on working through these, but as you know, especially when you have been through a lot of trauma (in my case, long term toxic relationships) the unwiring process is long, and there always seem to be loose ends that arise to tie up.

I get overwhelmed easily as my mind is continually processing my past, and having to distinguish it from my present.

I doubt myself often, and find it hard to trust spirit that I can and will be successful in building these businesses I am passionate about.

These past relationships are another reason I think spirit keeps bringing me to ruby.

I have much healing to do, and ruby is a beautiful heart stone that brings deep heart healing. It helps to heal the pain, the patterns, the programs we learned from unhealthy relationships and help to us accept love in the manner that we give it.

To accept love........something that can be harder than you realize until a beautiful love is being offered.

Now that I find myself in my first healthy relationship, maybe ever, all the little things I thought I had a grasp on are opening up again, arising to heal.

If you thought unhealthy relationships will trigger what needs healing, wait until you get into a safe one. One that doesn’t play games. You will see how wired your mind has been for so long to expect the worse, prepare for battle and worry about what is not being said or going on behind the scenes.

It’s the next level of healing.

So its time for for me to level up, and I am ready to receive it.

And I am so very grateful for this safe space to do it in.

Ruby can also help with exhaustion and lethargy, as well as female hormonal issues, all of which I also struggle with.

Spirit has never failed me when choosing the stones I need, and I have learned to just trust that! They always make sense on so many levels.

It never ceases to amaze me when I feel led to certain stones, and look up the metaphysical properties, and see it’s exactly the energy I am needing at that time.

The piece I created used a ruby I acquired years ago at a bead swap. It is by far the most gorgeous ruby I have ever seen, and it has spirals etched on it, which is a symbol that has always spoken to me, as seen in my art through the years.

Look at that stone, i wish you could feel the weight of it and the energy!!!!

I originally had it hanging from one of my fancier gypsy choker necklaces. But it was time to make it into something new I could wear on a daily basis.

This is the piece I took the ruby from (it used to hang on the left). It served me well and was time to put it to a new use!

The style I chose is feminine, casual and sexy, with a long dangle that puts a rough ruby druzy (with some hints of zoisite) hanging right at my heart! I chose to stick with rubies, and just one quartz crystal for an energy amplifier in the front and a labradorite for transformation on the back. I wanted to create something wearable but still stunning.

I have been wearing it for a week now and I already feel so much more open to receive the love being given to me.

I wear the ruby at the end of the chain inside my shirt, close to my heart.

Below is a photo of what it looks like out.

I am trusting this new healthy relationship and letting go of my fears of the past.

I feel empowered and beautiful and ready to focus on my life in this beautiful space.

(having a man that is steady and patient and holds that space for me is key too and I realize how very blessed I am to have such a wonderful person in my life!)

Either way, I am doing the work, both mentally, physically and spiritually to heal, so I can be fully present in my life and show up from the heart.

What a magical world we live in, and what an amazing journey it is.

Even the unexpected twists and turns, even the disappointments and heartbreaks. Because sometimes, the unexpected is not a tower moment when everything comes crumbling down, packed with lessons and pain.

Sometimes the unexpected is simple, and beautiful and a new adventure waiting to happen!

I know that each piece I create is set with a story, an intention for the person it was created for.

I don’t always know the story, but I trust my intuition and create with spirit, trusting that the right person will find the right piece to aid them in the next chapter of their journey.

I hope you will follow me as I share more about my process of creating, healing, and manifesting and how learning to trust my intuition was such a game changer for me on this journey.


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