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Ostara Spring Equinox Full Super Moon

What a beautiful and special equinox we are experiencing. As you may have noticed, the energy has been increasingly intense the last year and the beginning of this year. So many people are being forced to lighten up their life. To let go of the things holding them back from their peace, joy and abundance. We are being called to be accountable to ourselves. To heal ourselves. To un-become the person we know and become the beautiful, uninhibited, powerful being we always were.

Artwork by Jane Spakowsky available here

Ostara is about the seeds we have planted, growth, rebirth and the coming of a brighter season. I feel the message about Ostara today is to trust that your seeds are planted. It is now time to embrace all that is feminine and nurture them. Nurture your dreams. Nurture yourself. Nurture all you love. This is a time to be excited about the expectant growth. Like a mother, ready to give birth, we must love and nurture what is growing, even before it can be seen.

Artwork by Danielle Barlow and is available here

The equinox is perfect balance. Equal day and night. Perfect Harmony. Opposite yet complimentary. Both are needed. Ultimate balance of dark and light. And note, that this only comes twice a year. This perfect balance. We strive for balance in all we do. Balancing work and home. Balancing money. Balance emotions. Balance self-care and productivity. Balancing our energy. Balance what we give and what we receive. Perfect balance comes only twice a year, but nature also shows us that there is balance in all things, all the time, even if we cannot see it. We live in perfect synchronicity with our world. I feel like the message with this is that balance is not found in lists, schedules or routines, it is found in the peace of allowing our lives to unfold. It is in the conscious decision to do things that bring us joy and light.

It is a time for new beginnings. A time for rebirth. A time to burst from the soil and darkness and grow into our beauty.

I hope today you will find some time to honor yourself. Find some time to be grateful to be part of this large, constantly moving, magical world. Remember you are balance. Remember you are connected. Remember you are tending a future harvest at all times. Honor the feminine. Nurture your seeds with love and diligence. Enjoy this beautiful energy and be ready for a shift as we move toward spring!

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