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New Paths

Sometimes life takes a turn you did not see coming. For the past year and a half, I have been on a journey. Actually, it’s the same journey I have been on my entire life, I guess I am just finally just seeing all the pieces fall into place.

As you may have noticed this past year I have been a little less focused on my beads and jewelry and more focused on other areas of my life. This is not because I am leaving them behind, they are still very much my passion and first love! However, my journey has brought me to a new direction and I am excited to finally get to share that with you.

I am officially launching my Staci Louise Smith -Intuitive Medium and Reiki Practitioner site today! As some of you know, I have been doing readings for people lately to hone my skills. It has been a beautiful experience and reaffirmed to me that this is something I should be doing.

Some of you who have known me forever will probably not be surprised. Others may be totally shocked. I wanted to just share a little bit about my journey that has led to launching this site!

I have always believed in more than what is "seen" It both fascinated and terrified me for most of my life. And it especially scared me, because I experienced things that could not be explained throughout my life. I did not understand the things going on around me, and so I tried to shut it down and ignore it.

A year or two ago, and I found myself hanging out with someone who would change my world. We began to talk about these "creepy things" that happened to us growing up- yes, she too experienced stuff. However, she encouraged me to see the beauty of it instead of being afraid. She was on a journey to learn more. She was embracing this as a gift. She began to share with me about intuition and trusting what I know. I was excited to learn more and so I began to see a life coach who put me on a path I was destined for.

This time around, I had guidance and help to understand my gifts, embrace them and learn to use them to aid my journey and bring healing and guidance to others. The process of learning to trust my intuition has been life changing. Empowering. I cannot even believe how worried I was all the time. Learning to trust myself and my inner knowing was the biggest game changer of my life. It has taught me connection, mindfulness, balance and self-reliance. I am truly not the same person I was a year ago. I have learned to care for myself, to look within and to heal the parts of me that are broken and holding me back. I have learned to love myself in a way I never could have before.

I am healing from all things the things I have been told I am, or told to believe, and for the first time, I am learning for myself what my beliefs are and who I am.

So here I am. An Artist. An intuitive medium. A mother. A wife. A healer. A teacher. I am funny and love to laugh. I feel whole when I am creating art and jewelry like a mad-woman. I like to help others. I enjoy people and interacting with them. My family is my world and those little humans of mine are perfection in all their uniqueness. So of course, I want to use my gifts to aid me and others in all these components of life.

Being able to offer spiritual guidance and bring messages to people from loved ones who have passed has been more beautiful than I could have imagined. It allows me to connect with others on such an intimate level. It is truly an honor.

I truly believe we all know the answers we seek in our lives, because we are all connected. Everyone can learn to trust and develop their intuition. However, sometimes we cannot see it clearly or we doubt that we really know the answer. Sometimes things are too busy, or we are faced with so many possibilities, we don’t know which way to turn. These are the times a reading can give us some clarity. We are given what we need in that moment. It is not about fortune telling and predicting an exact outcome. We are given guidance and direction from spirit so we can decide how that will play out for us in our own life. It empowers us to move forward, or change direction. My job is to give you the messages, what you do with them is totally up to you.

If you are interested in these new offerings of mine, please follow my new facebook page. I will be sharing guidance I receive along my journey, thoughts, videos and products that I have found useful along the way.

I have some events coming up where I will be offering readings. I can also do remote readings online. My readings are just as accurate remotely, and sometimes I prefer this method as it gives me more time to sit with spirit and see where it goes. I also find that for me, more information comes through when I am typing. I think typing relaxes me so the messages for you flow more freely.

You can grab a spot for a reading next week at Satori Spiritual Center before the monthly candle class I am doing. I have openings from 4-6pm. Contact me to sign up for a slot.

These readings will be a 3 card oracle reading. You can click here for more information of how I do these readings.

At this time, it will be by donation- you determine what you feel you can pay for the reading. I am a medium as well, so if you are hoping to connect with a loved one, tell your loved one to show up prior to the reading , and just let me know there is someone you are hoping to hear from and we will go from there. Readings will be approximately ½ hour for this event.

If you cannot make it out to Satori, I also do online readings. Again, I do three card oracle readings and can connect with a loved one if you would like me to try. At this time those will also be by donation.

Photo of Satori Spiritual Center's shop

Quick note, the dear friend who has guided me along this journey is the owner at Satori- Angie Vanim. She is a life coach, and a true angel here on earth. I highly recommend her services if you are looking for guidance or a life coach.

Contact me via my facebook page Staci Louise Smith Intuitive Medium / Reiki Practitioner for more information or to book a spot.

Official pricing will be added soon.

I was really torn about creating another Facebook page for this. There are a couple reasons for doing so. If this is not something you wish to see, then this allows you to only follow my Staci Louise Originals page for jewelry, beads and art. Although I may cross promote at times, my Staci Louise Originals page will remain mostly jewelry and art posts. If you WANT to continue to see my Oracle card posts and other spiritual information and products, then please be sure to follow the new page. I also know that personally, when I follow an artist because I love their work, I want to see their work! So I wanted my Staci Louise Originals page to go back to being more eye candy, more beads, more how to create videos and so on. If you love it all, please follow both!

For me, my art has always been very spiritual. They are very much interwoven in my life. Thank you all for following me through many changes in my life, both artistically and as a person. I am so blessed to be able to do these things that bring me joy and peace, and for all of you who make it possible for me to continue doing it.

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