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Thursday Guidance

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement to get us through our week. I pulled three cards this morning and laid them out for you to chose the one you are drawn to. The first card (left to right) has a little piece of driftwood on it. The middle card has a natural holey stone from the beach, and the last card has a river stone on it.

I really felt like there needed to be those water elements today, as we go through all these retrogrades right now. Retrogrades are periods when we are to step back and look inside, and that is almost always emotional. Water reminds us to flow, and allow the waves to come, and allow them to go. The emotional energy out there is pretty intense right now, and water is so very healing!

If you were drawn to the driftwood:

This card is Discernment

I feel like today, this card is saying that we all sometimes see what we want to see, and we may not be seeing things clearly or in a truthful light. This card today is saying, there is a bigger picture to everything, and we need to trust what we feel deep inside. Is that frog a prince? Or is it just a frog? Deep inside you know. Do not make things into what you want them to be. If it is not meant to be, letting go will put you back onto the path that brings you fulfillment. Trust that you know, deep inside the answers you need.

If you chose the holey stone (also called a Hag Stone):

This card is Faith

Today, this card is speaking to trusting that you are guided, and you are protected. It is about asking for help, and remembering there is so much more going on then you can see. Do you pray? Do you talk to the angels? Do you trust that the circumstances you experience are to help you to grow, to learn and to shed things that no longer serve you? If you do not understand why something is going on right now, just ask. Ask to be shown, ask to be guided - but- remember to listen. Sometimes our answers come through a friend, a book we are reading, a song we hear. Trust it. If it feels like what you needed to hear, it probably is! Faith!

If you were drawn to the river stone:

This card is Metamorphasis

We are constantly changing and growing and learning. Nothing stays the same forever. However, we often wish to know what is going to happen NOW. We want that finish line, we want resolution. We want it now. But real change takes time. And patience is needed at this time as things move in a new direction. Patience is needed as you become a butterfly. This doesn't happen overnight. It is a process that takes time. And sometimes it is painful, and sometimes it feels solitary, but it is all so that those beautiful wings can grow and you can fly. Trust the process and look ahead to that butterfly you are becoming. Looking at how far you have come will help you to trust the rest of the journey.

I hope these cards have brought some blessings and clarity to you all! I believe nothing is a coincidence, so if you found yourself here, and your message resonates- it really was meant for you. Take these words, let them sink into your heart, and trust that whatever you are facing, you can get through it. Tap into your wisdom, ask for help, trust your abilities, and always remember you are worthy, beautiful, unique and deserve love- especially from yourself.

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