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New Horizons

So I have been thinking of how to integrate all my passions and loves more and more these days. I love art and making jewelry, there is no doubt in my mind that this is a HUGE part of my being. However, the past two years I have been on a spiritual journey that has truly changed me in ways it’s hard to describe. That too has become a deep love and passion of mine and it has seeped its way into all I do. Honestly, it probably always had, I just wasn’t aware of it yet.

This past weekend as I was selling my jewelry and offering readings at The MUM Spiritual Expo, I had some wonderful experiences with customers that led me to this new opportunity. Let me explain:

I have always loved seeing people connect with my jewelry. Besides the immense joy I get creating the pieces, people connecting with a piece has always been the icing on the cake. I think I have always known, on some level, that each piece was made for someone, even if I didn’t know them yet. Well, this past year I began to add in writings with my pieces. I always hated “writing descriptions” of my pieces. But, once I decided to let go of describing the piece and just write what I feel for the piece, they became stories for each item and what it offers, and they became empowering messages to the future buyer of the piece. They flowed and often I didn’t even remember what I had written for each one, they practically wrote themselves.

This weekend I sold a piece that did not have a write up.

I knew the woman wanted one, so I wrote one on the spot for her. What happened next was magical. As I was writing what came to me for that piece, I wrote a line that I KNEW was for her specifically. It was about her dreams and I knew she was getting messages from spirit in her dreams. So I asked her, and sure enough, she was. I absolutely loved writing the words that were specifically for HER. It felt so right.

You probably also know that I am a lover of cards. Oracle cards, tarot cards, I just love them for wisdom and direction. You can often find me sharing a card of the day, or allowing you guys to pick one of three cards.

I have also been wanting to do some sort of regular jewelry sale online. My brain could not see how all these things could come together, at least not until now.

After this weekend, an idea came to me of how I could combine all these things. (thank you to my spiritual support team, because I know you guys helped in that!)

Being the moon gal I am (gosh I love that big reflection of light in the night sky!)

I decided to do a bi-monthly moon sale. Each month, a couple weeks before the new and full moon, I will consult spirit and pull cards / and receive messages for the upcoming moon cycle. Then I will make pieces of jewelry that can aid with those energies messages.

I will then do a live video talking about the cards pulled and the messages I received, and offer at that time, live, the pieces of jewelry I have made. I will probably also have other things to offer, since I have been working on making my own clearing bath products, candles and such. So you can expect a variety of items every two weeks that can aid you in the upcoming energies. The coolest part is that it will be live. So you guys can participate in the conversation too. We can talk about the messages, and whether or not it resonates with you. We can talk about strengths, you guys can comment and share your wisdom as well. I really want it to be a time of connecting with other woman and for us to empower each other.

You can also shop if you feel guided to. I will create one of a kind pieces for each sale, and each will be different shapes, sizes and price points. Maybe you just buy a loose stone to carry, maybe you buy a talisman that feels like it was made for you!

Here is my favorite part- each piece of jewelry purchased during this sale, will get a write up made, personally for you. So it is an intuitive empowerment statement written just for you. I will connect with your guides and see what it is they are guiding me to add to your writing.

I truly hope that in this way, I get to connect more people with beautiful pieces that will empower them. When I create my jewelry, I want the person who buys it to feel powerful, beautiful and amazing each time they put it on. I want the stones used to aid them in the areas of their life they are looking to strengthen or focus on. I hope you will join me for my first sale live on my Facebook page Staci Louise Smith Intuitive Medium on September 26th in preparation for the New Moon October 9th. Time to be announced - look for the event listed on my Facebook page.

So let’s get together and talk about the moon, talk about our strengths, share about our weaknesses and embrace our beautiful, unstoppable selves while enjoying some one of kind creations together. When women gather it is always magical, and I love that connection!

Let’s face it, we all need a little more magic in our lives.

Wishing you love, blessings and a little magic too,


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