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Fear and Laughter

I wanted to do a post to let you all know I am still here! This has been a really crazy year for my family with a lot going on. Crazy as it is, its all good. Changes that need to happen are happening. We are growing as a family. I am moving in new and exciting directions with my business. With all this, I am oh so slowly getting my ducks in a row.

However, with all that change also comes fear.

Fear has always been an issue for me. You tell me about anything, and I will give you a reason to fear it! It can really hold me back at times. Now, I did spend a good year of my life working through a lot of my fears, and examining how I talk to myself and changing those patterns.

Last year, I began to work on then building up my confidence. I am finally beginning to balance confidence and fear. Fear however, has not been eradicated. It will probably always try to rear its ugly head for me.

I do daily oracle cards for guidance. It is a way for me to find out where I may need to put my focus today. Lately I have been using this adorable deck of fairy cards. Well, last weekend, I pulled this card two days in a row.

Now, pulling the same card a few days in a row is not a new thing. It happens to me quite often and I have to laugh because I am clearly not getting the message the first time!!! Anyhow, I didn't think that I was being all that serious. So I was like, "ok, I will try to laugh more" and I proceeded with my weekend.

What I do know is that I have been procrastinating studio time. I mean, I have a lot going on, but I am also procrastinating. I also know that I NEED studio time, because jewelry and beads don't make themselves. This morning it just dawned on me, that my procrastination is my fear of getting started, and HUMOR and laughter is how I combat that.

I mean, we see it all the time, right? People laugh when they are scared. So laughter, fun, humor, it is all ways to combat my procrastination. I need to clean up my studio and make it fun. It needs to be a party or I won't want to do it! (I am a Sagittarius, so, if you know us, you know that if it is a party, we will be there! So some disco and bad dancing may be in order, that always creates laughter around here!)

See, I am a little slow at "getting it" sometimes.....haha. This is why I end up pulling the same cards over and over! Anyhow, I wanted to share that insight with you all, because I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who needed to hear that today. Humor. Laughter. It combats fear. It is empowering. It reminds you of your happiness. It reminds you to lighten up. It reminds us that we have the power to shift energy, because nothing changes the energy in a room like belly laughs!

So go forward today and be magically funny. Make someone smile. Make yourself smile. Laugh and lighten up. Enjoy your day and it will make the work more bearable. Make it a party that you would want to come to!

Now I am off to the studio to clean up and make things. As you can see, I simply cannot do anything in here until I clear away some of the old projects that are scattered everywhere!!!

Check out the shop for new items- I will be adding them daily in an attempt to catch up. I am doing lots of new things like making candles and selling crystals to make your own crystal grids, along with making jewelry and beads!

Crystals and Candles OH MY!

So check often for new items and follow my Facebook page for videos on things I have going on!

And if you are local (Bucks, Montgomery or Lehigh County PA) come on our and see Satori Spiritual Center in Hereford PA. It is a beautiful gift shop where Angie Vanim offers readings, life coaching and reiki, along with classes and events each month. I have a lot of my jewelry in there, so if you have been wanting to see some stuff in person, I suggest a visit. You will not want to leave her peaceful space she has created there!

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