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Wisdom is Everywhere

Wisdom is everywhere. Magic is everywhere. Remember how miraculous everything seemed when we were young? Before we had to rationalize and categorize everything? I am trying to allow myself that again. I am allowing myself time to breathe in mystery. I hear wisdom of the world. When

we do this, we begin to see magic and miracles in everything, and it connects us.

If you know me, you know I have a DEEP passion for music. I am not musical myself, unless you catch me singing along with music I love (which is most of it!!!) I am not sure what draws me in most to music- I love the poetry and plays of words, I love the magic of multiple instruments coming together, each with their own unique message, to create one large beautiful soul moving work of art. I love the emotions music invokes in me. I just love it all. I also find, that sometimes, a song comes on, or gets stuck in my head, and it happens to have a message for me. There is a reason why I cannot stop thinking of it or singing it.

Lately, it has been this song for me. Enter the Haggis is an amazingly talented group, who pours their whole being into what they do. Their talent is amazing, the songs poetic and fun........I absolutely love everything these guys do. They are story tellers that honor people, honor places in our lives and leave us feeling more connected in some way.

This song has been playing in my head for two days.

It's called Getaway Car, and the lyrics are wonderful. I know what this is about for me........right now, at this time. It's about remembering that magic. Remembering your passion, and most of all, remembering how bad ass and capable you are.

Wisdom. It comes from many places if we are looking for it.

I hope you enjoy these guys as much as I do. (they are also REALLY humble and beautiful humans too. go see a show if they are in your neck of the woods, you will not be disapointed).

The getaway car in your backyard was your last resort Hidden under vines and autumn leaves Waiting there for you to come when it was just too hard Sit there with your hands upon the wheel You can run The getaway car could take you there, any place you need Around the corner, up into the sky Somewhere on this highway you forgot that you could dream Forgot that you could break the speed of life You can run, but you won't get far Now you've locked your keys in the getaway car Drawn into the high-speed chase, fight for bottom line Sirens push the pedal to the floor The getaway car looks rusty but you know that it can shine Fill 'er up again and let it roar Everyone forgets about this place But we all need a little time and space

- Enter the Haggis

Don't forget how amazing you are. Don't forget that you can feel free and strong and wild any time you choose. CHOOSE IT.

Many Blessings


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