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Learning to Let Go

This year has been a powerful one, and its only just April! So much energy going on in the universe; two blue moons already this year, retrogrades, and just non stop life coming at us.

I am working on slowing down, and going with the flow of things. Everything ebbs and flows just like we see in nature. I am learning to just go with it. There is purpose in the up times, and purpose in the downtime's.

One of things that I have felt led to do for sometime was to purge. We are a family of 5, in a fairly tight space. Though we do have a lot of storage. Almost all of us are sentimental, and so, we don't always let go of things we should. Since we had the space..........well, lets just say its past time to clean up.

Right there is a lesson. Because this not only plays out in the physical realm, but it is also emotional. Learning to let go. Purge. Stop holding onto things you do not need. Its time to pass things on, even if you have loved them, to others. Let another person love it for a time.

It was really hard to get started, and we had some circumstances that lit a fire to get on it recently. So that helped. Now that I have started, I just see things that weigh us down everywhere. Every corner, and every room. I see the weight, I see the lack of need for it, and have been purging. Now, I am far from letting it all go, but I am getting there. Its a process. Shedding layers...................

Again, doing this physical work of cleaning out and letting go is helping me to see the things that weigh me down in my mind, and in my heart. Letting go is beginning to feel really good.

One of the things that is a battle around here is sharing an office with the hubs. He is a type A Capricorn, and excellent at organization. He is simply amazing. Me? Not so much! So my shipping materials (bags, boxes, old padded envelopes, bubble wrap, tissue paper) were shoved next to our desk. No matter how I tried to clean it up, it just got piled again. The shelves on the wall were always piled with stuff to look at later (good lord, another of my obstacles I am working on!!!)

Well, I finally cleaned out some things we do not use in the office to make room on shelves for my stuff. It looks so much better.

So, I know it still looks a bit chaotic, but this is so much better! There are not great ways to keep packaging. I used boxes we had around- not pretty, but it keeps things in check and in their place! (And yes, the carpet is OLD and gross. There was a chair mat for office chairs and it finally cracked- well, all around it got gross! Even with vacuuming.)

I always tried to embrace the "creative chaos" , but now, I must admit this is nice. It feels so good. I can be more productive. Its actually nice to sit here and package items. Maybe this Sagittarius (we are notorious for flying by the seat of our pants and not doing anything that isn't fun) can learn a thing or two from her Capricorn (organized, logical driven) hubs.

Those of you who ship orders will understand the struggle is real. HA!

Anyhow, I encourage you do what you feel led to. I actually felt the need to do this last fall and never started. Now I wish I had. So listen to where you are being pushed!

Also, there are always correlations between what is going in your physical world and your emotional / spiritual one. So pay attention.

Last of all, a clean space really is nice to work in! Though I still despise cleaning! lol! Lets see if my love of open spaces overpowers my disgust for cleaning!

Many blessings to you! May your Spring bring time to let go of the things that no longer serve you, so there is room for new blessing to come in!!!

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